Simsbury CT, September 19th 2010

Mark, Ed and Steve with the Booth at Simsbury

By: Chris Soltis

Well its that time again….. Time when a small band of dedicated volunteers from the Connecticut Air & Space Center trucks a bunch of our displays, parts from the Corsair, & alot of literature to give out to people, all the way in upstate Connecticut. The location: a little airfield in the sleepy town of Simsbury. The purpose: to be apart of the Simsbury Flyin: the largest flyin of its kind in the state. Which isn’t saying much considering some of the pics I’ve seen from other gatherings in the country.  Either way it was a day long celebration of aviation, vintage vehicles, and tons of other cool stuff. I’m in no way a professional photographer so be gentle.  So here are some of the shots I got off when I had my 15 min break from our display booth.  

This year we had the added assistance of Ed McGuiness, Mark Knopick, and Steve Recsenski to help out with the booth. Without them this would have been 3 times as hard. There volunteer spirit should be acknowledged and praised. So in the end we raised a few bucks and spread the word about our operation to some folk from Connecticut and Massachusetts alike! Drew King would have made it too had it not been for that whole “being human so you get sick now and again thing”. He was missed.

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