1977 Aviat Aircraft – Christen Eagle II

Eagle_1Christen Eagle II by Aviat Aircraft
This is the famous homebuilt kit of a very similar design to the Pitts, which was created by Frank Christensen. The Eagle also formed the famous “Eagles Flight Team” which was the longest continuous airshow team in the United States, running for 25 years. Famed as one of the most comprehensive and best kits of all time, the Eagle comes complete with 32 manuals (one for each kit subsection) that have been designed to lead the novice builder smoothly through the process of building his own airplane.

The Eagle II is a better homebuilt aerobatic aircraft than any other. It has become the standard by which all others are judged. Offering aerobatic flight in a two-place aircraft, the Eagle’s performance capabilities make it flyable in advanced aerobatic competition. Once you have seen its regal appearance, and have experienced its magnificent performance, it will become apparent why we called this model the Eagle.


This aircraft was donated by David Faile,

The Eagle II is really much more than just a high-performance, two-place aerobatic airplane you can build at home. It is a whole new approach to homebuilt aircraft construction. Each of the 24 kits required to build the Eagle II contains a separate section of the aircraft, and every part, every piece is available now…today. Each section contains a comprehensive manual detailing the construction methods through diagrams and instructions.

The Eagle is not only available as a kit, it can also be assembled at the Aviat Aircraft factory. Call today 307 885-3151 for details.

(information from the Aviat Aircraft Website)