AVCO Lycoming LTS101

Developed and originally built in Stratford Connecticut, since it was certified in 1975, over 2,000 LTS101 engines have been delivered worldwide logging over 11 million service hours. The LTS101 engine provides power for the Bell 222, the Airbus Helicopter BK117 and AS350 and the Avicopter AC311. The diminutive engine provides over 650 HP weiging in at less than 250 pounds. Quite the little powerhouse.


Information courtesy of Edward Pease

Starting Left-to-Right

Salvatore Straniti: Designer of the LTS101. We had a design tem in Williamsport and one in Stratford starting early July 1971. John Moore worked with Sal in Stratford and with me In Williamsport. The basic configuration was mine and John Moore using details of the compressor and transonic turbines supplied by Charlie Kuintzle to John Moore. Cost analysis was done in Williamsport. Sal started the hard design on 1 December 1971

Edward Pease is next: project manager. I was reassigned to Stratford starting 1 December 1971 to head up the LTS101 program. Decision to proceed from Corporate was given on 30 November 1971

Arthur Myers: Engine Performance T53 and LTS101

Leland Wilhelm: Sales Department assigned to the LTS101

John Moore: LTS101 Project Engineer (worked with Tony Parente to get the first full engine running less than 7 months from start of hard design). Tony is not in the picture.

Dr Fritz Haber: Head of Marketing department

Richard (Dickey)Thompson: Star for the undefeated AVCO Lycoming softball team. I think he was an expediter. Nice Guy

Dr Adenstedt: Vice President of Engineering. He interceded on my behalf in design selection.

Girl: I have asked a few people and they had seen her in the plant but had no idea where she worked. Most likely in accounting.

Wolfgang Stein: Director of Design. In charge of the T55 design team. Terrible interference on LTS101. He wanted a 12 inch diameter engine and a much simpler gearbox (no clutch, no rear drive and N1 driven accessories).

Horst Berkner: One of Two designers of the AGT1500 and in 1980 became responsible for the AGT1500 Design. Horst started the design of the LTS101 gearbox on 1 March 1972 and the first full engine ran on 29 June 1972. The first engine with a high speed gearbox ran on April 11 1972. We had completed a 60 hour PFRT on the 3nd engine by 15 July 1972.

Special thanks to:
Bart Santello and Edward Pease for their help with this page.


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