Charitable Donation Policy

The Connecticut Air & Space Center welcomes and encourages charitable donations of artifacts, memorabilia, and objects of significance to aviation and space history. We are also very willing to accept articles that are unrelated to aviation and space history such as tools, vehicles, parts, and equipment that can be utilized in the restoration of aircraft and artifacts or the maintenance of the facility and grounds. We will also consider accepting items that are or are not related to our mission as long as the donor understands these items could be disposed of to help fund projects and operational expenses. 

There are three types of charitable donations that we currently consider:

Mission SpecificArtifacts or research materials that are from Connecticut or related to Connecticut aviation history and evolution of aviation and space exploration in Connecticut.

Museum Related – These items could help the Connecticut Air & Space Center fulfill its mission but are not necessarily artifacts. This could include , but are not limited to, aircraft, vintage vehicles (Jeep, truck, tug), restoration maintenance tools and parts, materials, vehicles and ground maintenance equipment.

Gift Shop – Thrift Shop
Objects of value that will be sold to generate financial support. These objects may not qualify for a full income tax deduction.

For more information please contact us


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