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Volunteer at the Connecticut Air & Space Center

Richie, Bill & Charlie working on the Sikorsky H-52

We are the youngest museum of this type in the Northeast area.  We are primarily funded by your generous donations. That includes donations of manpower and time.

Volunteering at the Connecticut Air & Space Center is a fulfilling endeavor. You will get to know and work with some of the best people you will ever meet.

We are dedicated to preserving the history of Connecticut’s contribution to flight, enhancing aerospace knowledge, and encouraging a spirit of discovery.

It’s easy to become a member of the Connecticut Air and Space Center! Annual memberships start at $20 for an individual. Download a membership application. 


Lou, Ben, Bill, Drew, Chris, Jerry, Dave & Nancy in front of the Sikorsky Memorial Airport Corsair

Like to get your hands dirty working on airplanes? Like spending time working in the machine shop? Gathering research from the archive? There are a million jobs to do in our aircraft restoration facility, the CASC is always looking for volunteers.

For more information on volunteering please email

Special Events
Admission to the Museum includes attendance special events from time to time.

If you have further questions about the Connecticut Air & Space Center please email our director at We always respond in a prompt and timely manner.