Boston Daily Globe August 23, 1901

Gustave Whitehead Will Soon Attempt the Trip to New York in His Airship Now Being Perfected.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. Aug 22—Aided by a corps of skilled machinists, Gustave Whitehead, who claims to have solved the principle of aerial .navigation, is working day and night perfecting his airship, and within three weeks expects to demonstrate to the world that his winged craft has solved the problem of aerial navigation. Visitors are barred from the Whitehead workshop and sentinels keep all those who are curiously inclined at a respectful distance.

“I am going to fly to Now York inside of a month,” said Whitehead to a Globe reporter tonight. “I consider that I have, after a lifetime of study and labor solved the problem of midair flight which has cracked scientific minds for centuries.

“With me the experimental stage is passed. My rough model has carried me
a full half mile at a half of 50 feet and when my new ship is completed I will be ready to fly to New York. I have perfected my steering apparatus and regulated my twin screws so that one can revolve enough faster than the other to cause it to steer. The principle
is the same as twin screws worked on an ocean liner. My new machine will be large enough to accommodate half a dozen persons and my foreman will accompany me on my trip to New York.

“Those who are now skeptical will have cause to open their eyes In wonderment. My 35 years of labor in this field is about to be crowned with success. From the first I have maintained that the principle upon which M Santo Dumas’ ship was built is an impossible one. I have more capital than I need now and the glory is to be all mine.”


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